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 Dynamis - Changing of the Guard

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Dynamis - Changing of the Guard Empty
PostSubject: Dynamis - Changing of the Guard   Dynamis - Changing of the Guard EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 3:56 am

Starting this week, as most of you have seen, I am officially taking over running Dynamis runs for Reb and Sil. The main goal of these runs will be to get people clears and relic armor that they have been wanting. All attempts will be made to ensure that everyone that shows will be able to join every run, basically keeping every run to zones everyone has. It should be noted that if attendance is very low, like tonight's was, then the run will be defaulted to Dynamis - Xarcabard and normal farming runs will take place in Dynamis - Jeuno with moderate attendance.

Not every run will take place in either Jeuno or Xarc and city runs will take place every fourth run or so; and each time it will be cycled. ie - Windurst, then Bastok, etc. Getting clears takes priority every run, and if a clear isn't possible then it's defaulted to farming with the zone being dictated by who has what areas cleared and how many people attend. A good example of this: only 4 people are able to make the run so the run gets defaulted to Xarc because of the ease of getting Time Extensions and mob control.

The relic gear rules still stand from when Reb and Sil ran the runs. Each member prioritizes a job then secondaries a job. If something drops and no one has it in their prio's, then it's free lot. The currency rules also stand and are to free fall until the 15 minute mark when everyone is to lot to make sure that none hit the floor. Recently Reb and Sil have allowed me to lot on the currency that I need at that time for the gun that I'm building which is why I want to keep the runs to areas that drop mixed currency so it's fair to everyone and everyone gets something.

If there are any questions, please feel free to ask and I will address them. I encourage anyone with disputes, gripes, grievances, etc to please bring them forward so they can be dealt with swiftly and not become a sore spot. This is something that's supposed to be fun and profitable for everyone (especially since it's free to enter now), so let's try and keep it that way.
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Dynamis - Changing of the Guard
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