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 Something I found out today.

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Something I found out today. Empty
PostSubject: Something I found out today.   Something I found out today. EmptyWed Dec 23, 2009 11:51 pm

On the way back home from Blockbuster me and my mate started talking about someone in the car. It's not exactly what was said but this is basicly the picture that got painted. He's a bit stupid and we thought it was funny every time he shouted Branon (our friends name) to him because it sounded really retarded.

Friend: Oh, do you remember someone called Chris from Tollbar? (Our secondary school) He hung around with Branon.
Me: Umm... I think so, blonde hair?
Friend: Yeh. "Branon!" (He said it like he would but louder and more retarded)
Me: Haha! Yeh! "BRANON"!
Friend: Haha.
Me: Why do you ask?
Friend: He's going to prison for 4 years for arson.
(The website for the newspaper in my area.)

You mess us Grimsby lads, we will burn down your house. <3
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Something I found out today.
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