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 IMOOR: Final Fantasy XIII

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PostSubject: IMOOR: Final Fantasy XIII   Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:04 am

In My Own Opinion: Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix's most recently released Final Fantasy title and also the beginning of the long awaited, Fabula Nova Crystallis Collection.

Having seen the first footage back in I think 2006, I've been some what interested in just what the "New" consoles could provide in terms of gaming, Well to be honest I haven't really been totally drawn to any of the recently games to make it to them. Frankly because I lost interest in running around like a total freak shooting everything just for the sake of a better gamer score on Xbox Live.. Moving on...

I don't wish to break an information towards the storyline as to not do any Spoilers this will only be a quick review into my over-all opinion as a Final Fantasy player.

FFXIII brings you into a almost flawless world... Cutscenes to gameplay are spot on in terms of showing you what the PS3 can really provide, The start of the game is some what... Well slow.. However it's easily avoided by allowing you to get straight into the battles as soon as possible, The battle system is fairly simple to work out & The new Crystarium system for enhancing your characters is similar to that of Final Fantasy X's Sphere Grid.

Gameplay starts off easy and slow, Enables to you get fully used to it.. Then a few hours later it's enhanced even further, Yes Hours... It will take alot of time to fully unlockk most of the battle system and considering I'm still not that far in myself there's a huge chance of even more being added in a couple of hours. I do enjoy the fact they haven't taken anything from FFXII in terms of the "Gambit" or whatever the thing was called that basically allowed you to do nothing, Macros or some shit.. And thank god "Quickenings" were removed and tossed to the side entirely.. Anyhow.

Cutscenes and story work together and as in all Final Fantasy titles the story is a good one, I've really gotten into the storyline so far. In terms of how they have it do it's slightly annoying to see the same scene with different charathers in it, But it's not like it hasn't been over done yet..

Over-all I'm enjoying FFXIII, It's got a few down sides but from an original point of view it's a great game. Frankly I'm utterly pissed off at these fucking wankers of reviewers that are matching this game to FFVII and the older versions... Why.. Why.. WHY!? It's an entirely different game, there's nothing that can connect the 2 apart from the company... But as with everyone has their own opinions.

I'll be doing a full review for the end of the game when I finish, If you have any questions flick me a msg ove skype or on here. Ciao~!
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PostSubject: Re: IMOOR: Final Fantasy XIII   Sun Dec 27, 2009 7:00 am

So.. A short little update.

Well still enjoying FFXIII, I've hit a slight bump in the almighty long road that is FFXIII.. currently 16hrs into the game and I think I'm on Chapter 5 of 13.. I think.. I'm stuck.. Seriously and totalled boned.

In short I should've really focused on killing lots of things alot the way in order to gather Crystal Points in order to use the Crystarium System to enhance my characters stats/abilites for the many battles to come. However with FFXIII it's major flaw is my lack of Kanji Translations and I have hereby completely missed the point on how to actually go about using it. Hence leaves me at a current stand point in the game where.. I basically run from one end of the map to the other killing enemies and then saving.. Resetting.. Loading and Repeating the same thing over... and over in order to unlock about 150,000 (85-1500 a fight) of Crystal Points.

When you get FFXIII... for the love of god... Don't enhance EVERY SINGLE JOB... Just the ones you know you will need at some point... Because it's boring leveling this early in the game just to get past Sazh's Summon fight...

*head desking repeatedly*
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IMOOR: Final Fantasy XIII
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